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Current Availability

Please contact us for individual pictures and updated availability.

Short Tail Pythons

We have four nice Blood Pythons produced by Leach's Python Palace in Kansas. Individual pictures are available on request.

Blood #1: Male 66% het for both T+ and T- albino. Hatched in July 2019 from a double het T+/T- x double het T+/T- pairing. SOLD
Blood #2: Female VPI stripe hatched August 8, 2018, from VPI stripe x VPI stripe pairing
Blood #3: Male, likely a VPI stripe or at least genetic stripe. Hatched August 8, 2018, from VPI stripe x VPI stripe pairing
Blood #4: Female normal hatched August 8, 2018, from VPI stripe x VPI stripe pairing

The snakes listed below are pure Keith Brady latte line Borneo Pythons from two different clutches, the same sire with different females.  They have been pretty easy to work with but they will still need confident handling.

1.0 AT M2 latte NFS - Holdback
1.0 AT M5 latte - SOLD
1.0 FA M1 fade SOLD
1.0 FA M2 fade SOLD
1.0 FA M4 normal SOLD
1.0 FA M6 normal SOLD
0.1 AT F2 latte SOLD
0.1 AT F3 fade SOLD
0.1 AT F4 fade SOLD
0.1 AT F6 latte SOLD
0.1 AT F7 fade SOLD
0.1 FA F1 normal (currently at the retail store) LAST ONE~!
0.1 FA F5 normal SOLD

Ball Pythons available.

We have a selection of ball pythons available bred by us and trusted breeding partners.

Ball Python Morphs

1.0 Calico Banana 756 grams SOLD
1.0 Spider 529 grams SOLD
1.0 BEL Mojave/Butter SOLD
1.0 Hypo Banana SOLD
1.0 Super Pastel 952 grams SOLD
1.0 Pastel het Orange Ghost (2019) (currently at the retail store)
1.0 Super Pastel Calico Fader (2019)

0.1 Champagne het VPI Axanthic 220 g SOLD
0.1 BEL Mojave Butter 161 g SOLD
0.1 Pinstripe het Hypo SOLD
0.1 Leopard Spider (2019) LAST ONE!
0.1 Leopard Spider 90 g SOLD
0.1 Pastel Leopard Spider 87 g SOLD
0.1 Pastel Leopard Spider 81 g SOLD
0.1 Super Pastel Leopard Spider NFS
0.1 Super Pastel Lesser Leopard Spider NFS
0.1 Normal het Ultramel (2018) SOLD
0.1 Lemon Blast het Orange Ghost (2019) SOLD
0.1 Pastel het Orange Ghost (2019) (currently at the retail store)


Jalisco Milk Snake

All are 2019 Hatchlings, well started and eating regularly

1.1 Normal Corn SOLD
1.2 Candy Cane Albino Corn
1.0 Hypo Brooks King
1.0 Goini Apalachicola King Snake
0.1 High White Striped Black & White California King SOLD
0.1 Jalisco Milk Snake
0.2 Kenyan Sand Boa, one Normal and one Anery SOLD


2019 Hatchlings, Unsexed. Visit our store for availability. We have crested geckos, leopard geckos, and bearded dragons.

High Yellow Leopard Gecko