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    Modifying a Glass Tank for a Ball Python

    I decided to put this in its own post to make it easier to find and reference. I will be adding photos and illustrations soon. These tips are great for any species of reptile that require higher humidity and heat, including boas of all kinds, baby tegus, and other species of pythons. Just keep in mind that lizards will need added UVB light. If you must keep your ball python in a glass tank, here are some tips to make your snake happier in it. Ball pythons need to feel safe and secure, have humidity levels of 55-65%, and have temperatures that range from 75-85 degrees. Listed below are modifications…

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    Pet Rats, Making the Cut

    Let's talk about temperament testing. Not all rats will make good pets even if both parents were the sweetest booboos ever. As a breeder, that means temperament testing is very important to make sure people who adopt from you are getting quality pets that will stay with them in a good home for life. Picking the best pet prospects takes more than one interaction. Here's what we do at KP Exotics. First, we do not handle rats very much when they're young. Handling too often early can desensitize rats to humans which can mask behavioral issues that may pop up later in life. At birth and 2 days old we…

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    Pythons in Immunology Research

    We had a visit today by Dr. Lori Newman-Lee from the Arkansas Center for Biodiversity Collections at Arkansas State University. Dr. George Brusch was showing her and graduate student Lindsey Matin-Krikorian how to draw blood from pythons. Apparently you have to go right into their hearts… It was very cool to watch and we're happy to help with Dr. Newman-Lee's research on unique immune cells in snakes.

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    We have gotten several snakes in as rescues that wouldn't eat due to poor husbandry advice. Some of our clients and friends have reported bad advice from pet stores when buying feeders. Most experienced reptile keepers know you shouldn't listen to pet store workers' advice when it comes to, well, anything. Even the smaller stores are known to give poor advice. So, we made this post for anyone who keeps or is interested in keeping ball pythons, one of the most common pet snakes in Arkansas. FEEDING First and foremost, your young BP should be started on rats ASAP. Many breeders will start their hatchlings on rat fuzzies from the…