Fancy Rats

We breed rats for both pets and feeders. Our pet lines are carefully chosen for their sweet, personable temperaments, health, coat, and color. Out of a litter of 10-15 rats, one may be chosen to be a future breeder and only 2 or 3 will pass temperament testing for pet homes. Rats are socialized, but not over handled. We want to see their base personalities without desensitizing them too much. The rats we choose for pet homes are naturally drawn to people and are not stressed with human interaction. They will only get better with more handling in their new homes.

Please contact us for current availability. We have pets available at all times. Once monthly adoption events will be held at our retail location beginning in December 2019.


We work with quite a few varieties of color and coat types. Coat types include rex, velveteen, harley (long-haired), recessive hairless, and teddy rex (velveteen x rex).

Pair of Recessive Hairless males

Coat colors include black, Russian blue, American blue, tabby (marble), Silvermane, Tonkinese, Burmese, Siamese, Himalayan, marten, fawn, beige, agouti (wild brown), mink, Wheaton, and pearl. We have the black-eyed gene in the Marten and Himilayan lines. Blue-based Tonkinese and Mink have been produced and we’re working on blue Burmese and Siamese.

A litter of black, blue-tabby, and Russian blue 2-week old babies.

Most of our rats are Selfs, meaning little to no white markings. Berkshire is common as well. You’ll see less verigated and capped, but they are in there. We have a few blaze girls that are starting to produce some very cute blazed faces and other interesting head markings. We also have an odd-eyed American Blue pair that will hopefully be a start to a line of odd-eyed rats. These are rats with one ruby eye and one black eye.

Odd-Eyed capped American Blue female